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( 3 avril, 2011 )

João Matheus FERREIRA alias Jean Mathieu FERRERE ( English version)

Who was he ?

My Portuguese ancestor was born in Faial island, Azores, Portugal between 1715 and 1720.
That is what he indeed declared in a civil record in 1779 , in St.Louis, Bourbon island (today known as Reunion island).
He might have lived in Brazil , or maybe his family did . Many Azorean families emigrated to Brazil then.
In his death record it is also written that he was from Brazil.
He died in Bourbon island ( Reunion island) in St.Louis on June 18th in 1780.
He was Francisco FERREIRA ‘s and Maria VIEIRA’s son , his parents may have had other family names other than FERREIRA or VIEIRA but I haven’t heard of any other so far.Both parents were from Faial too, but from which town or village ? I don’t know yet …from which parish ? I don’t know either…I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW MORE , so if any Portuguese genealogist ever reads these lines and is ready to help me, it would be great…
João Matheus FERREIRA was actually a shipwrecked soldier who accidentally arrived in Bourbon on April 6th 1746.
He was an army officer in the Portugal infantry and had been in India in a war against the English in the 1740s.On his way back to Lisbonne his ship got broken in a storm off Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, brought back by a French governor Mahé de La Bourdonnais and wrecked and shattered in another storm in St.Paul’s bay, Bourbon island.
The name of his ship was « Nossa Senhora das Vítoria ».Three hundred inhabitants of Bourbon rescued the 150 portuguese soldiers and the slaves that were with them.The Portuguese stayed in Bourbon island for more than 8 months and then left , except two of them who never returned to their country : João Matheus FERREIRA and Joaquím FERREIRA.They both stayed, got married , had children and died in Bourbon instead.
Bourbon island( today known as Reunion island) was (and still is) a French island , so João Matheus FERREIRA became French and got the new French name of Jean Mathieu FERRER (or FERRERE).
He married Barbe HOARAU in St.Louis on November 7th 1752 ( his wife was Joachim HOARAU’s and Françoise Marie CADET’s daughter).
They had 7 children.

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